SAT Results Today: Advice for Retakers

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If you're re-taking the SAT, here are some tips.

The publicist for, on online test prep resource, reminded us that today, SAT takers get their results. While some will no doubt find stellar numbers attached to their test-taker ID, others — or at least, their parents, will be disappointed.

Like bad haircuts, though, SAT scores don’t have to last forever. You can always retake the test. But this time, prepare!

Knewton offered these tips for getting ready for Take 2 of the required test for most colleges:

  • Focus on your weaknesses…Most students focus on their strengths… when you’re preparing push yourself to focus on your weaknesses and always be improving. Programs like Knewton’s SAT On-Demand product help keep you honest and keep you on track for a better score.
  • Narrow down your choices…Using multiple choice questions to your advantage.  If you can eliminate one it’s good to guess.
  • Focus on one section…  If you take under 3 SAT’s most schools will look at your best score.  So if you’re in a bind, know which section you need to boost and focus on that
  • The test gets harder as you go…Math, grammar, and vocab questions get more difficult as test progresses.  The answers to later questions are never the obvious ones.
  • But not always…For reading comprehension questions—the questions are arranged in order of passage, not difficulty. You should know that first few questions pertain to the first part of passage.
  • Look at semicolons and you’ll know there’s only one rule being tested.
  • If passage is short, the main idea is final sentence.
  • If author brings up other author, he either whole heartedly agrees or disagrees with him/her.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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