Saudi Women Offer to Breastfeed Their Drivers

Score one for Saudi women! Kind of.

A group looking to overturn a ban on women driving has taken this mind-boggling fatwa and used it against Islamic leaders who refuse to grant the women even a bit of freedom.

We reported on the new fatwa, which would allow women — who are forbidden from being alone with men whom they are not related to — to change their relationships with men by breastfeeding them. In sharing their milk (some controversy about how it should be distributed) they are no longer potential lovers, but symbolic mothers and sons.

The LA Times is reporting a new twist.

Activists looking to overturn the ban on women drivers say they’ll breastfeed their foreign male drivers, you know, to abide by the law of not being alone with unrelated men.

I guess nursing grown men is OK for Saudi clerics, but they draw the line at foreign men?

Who knew breastfeeding could be used in a revolution?

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Photo: LA Times

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