Scheduling Your Baby's Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs are one of the first things we learn about a baby
Zodiac signs are one of the first things we learn about a baby

Would you time a pregnancy to choose your baby’s zodiac sign? Even if you’re not a big astrology buff, you probably know the sun signs of the zodiac. They’re the ones printed in the back of the newspaper with little fortune-cookie style blurbs attached. People include them in personals ads: “I’m an Aries. That’s why I’m so hot-blooded, babe!”

For babies, astrological sign is one of the first pieces of data. Like knowing the babies sex, you can tell as soon as they’re born, if not before, what sign they’ll be. “Oh, you have a little Capricorn!” gives you something to talk about while the new baby squirms adorably in his sleep.

Some parents just enjoy sun signs as trivia. Others take the matter much more seriously.

From timing conception to align with a particular sign to scheduling a C section, parents sometimes set the child’s sign rather than leaving things to chance. 

Two of our staff writers have had to face the decision of whether or not to choose their babies sign with a scheduled C-section. As one put it, “I wasn’t so sure about the whole Libra business.” The other was fortunate enough to get a last minute reprieve: the c-section was postponed to a date solidly in the middle of a sign.

I didn’t exactly choose my daughter’s sign, but I cared a lot about it.

During my first pregnancy, I’d opted out of most prenatal testing. I didn’t even have an ultrasound. I didn’t know how much the babe was likely to weigh, how many fingers and toes were in there, what sex my kid would be. None of it. But I was sure she’d be a Gemini.

The timing of my pregnancy was a surprise, so it’s not like I chose Gemini as the sign of all signs I wanted to mother. Still, I was grateful to be carrying a little Gemini and not a Scorpio or Virgo: two signs I was pretty sure I couldn’t handle. Yes, I take the astrology thing a little more seriously than most. I’m not ruled by it, but I did have both kids’ charts done shortly after their births.

As my due date approached, I got nervous. I had assumed my pregnancy would go late, like my mother’s had. My due date was  just inside of Gemini. If I gave birth even a few days early, I’d have a Taurus. I don’t know anything about Taurus! It’s an earth sign? Would that work with my watery Cancerian personality? What would I do?

I needn’t have worried. I went into labor as the sun was passing from Taurus into Gemini, and after two painful days gave birth to a beautiful little Gemini.Will

Did you care what sign your baby would be? Did you care enough to try to time the birth for it? Share your zodiac stories in the comments.

Photo: Remko Van Dokkum

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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