School Bans Lip Balm…What's Next?

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Banned: Lip Balm

Okay, this whole banning things at school is getting out-of-control. First, some schools banned silly banz. Then they banned “I Love Boobies” bracelets. And now one school in North Carolina has banned lip balm. Seriously, the kids need to bring a note from home saying they can wear Chapstick or other lip balms!

Until recently, students needed a note from the doctor in order to bring lip balm to school.

“I just don’t see how Chapstick can even remotely be perceived as medicine,” said Stephanie Boyd, a parent in the district. “Is it me or has common sense just gone out the window lately? They seem to ban something new every single year.”

I’m with you, Ms. Boyd!

What’s the rationale behind the ban? The Johnston County school district said the policy was put in place by the county heath department. Apparently, parents were concerned that kids were sharing lip balm and spreading germs.

“By requiring written permission from the parents, parents would be aware that their children had Chapstick and would be able to remind them not to share it with other children,” said school district spokeswoman Terri Sessoms. “This would also be a way for teachers to be aware so that they could deter students from sharing it with others.”

Can we just all agree to stop banning things unless they actually pose a clear danger (like knives, guns, etc.)?  I’m guessing this latest ban will only make Chapstick the must-have accessory for all students in the district.

What do you think?

photo: flickr/Valeri-DBF

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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