School Bans Pajama-Clad Parents From Dropping Kids Off

Time to drop off little Benjamin!

My kids aren’t quite school age yet, but when they do you can damn well be certain I will drop them off while in my pajamas.

What’s it to ya?

I can wear whatever I want. If I want to wear a bikini it’s within my rights to do so.

Not so, says one school.

As Katherine Martin over at Baby Center reports, one school has a rampant parents in pajamas problem and has decreed that parents need to follow the same dress guidelines as students, including no pajamas.

Apparently, a member of the Baby Center community posted that their school has a guideline that roughly states “We respectfully request that parents who drop off their children and pick them up from school follow all of th dress code expectations that students are expected to follow including the rule stating that pajamas are not to be worn.”

Is it really that big of a deal? And how does a school go about enforcing the new policy? “Ma’am, did you sleep in those stretch pants last night? Because if so, YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!” Seriously though, how do they even know what constitutes pajamas and it can’t be legal to force not students into a dress code… can it?

Have you ever heard of a no pajama policy? Do you think it makes sense or, like me, do you think it’s absolutely ridiculous?

Image: Mae

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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