School Closings: What to Do on a Snow Day

school closing snow day
Make a snow day a fun day.

Over the weekend, the Midwest was clobbered with a massive winter storm that dumped as much 22 inches of snow in some areas.  And you know what that means:  Snow day!

School closings due to snow are just a fact of life for many of us. And while kids live for these unexpected days off in the winter,  parents often dread them.  Stuck indoors with nothing to do, excited children can quickly turn into bored children.  And when they’ve grown tired of movies and videos games, the whining will start.

Head them off at the pass with a plan to make your snow day a fun day.  Here are five ideas for things to do when you’re snowbound with kids.

Make Sugar Snow – Laura Ingalls did it and you can, too.  Collect a bucket of fresh, clean snow and boil up some Maple syrup to make a delicious old-fashioned treat.

Hit the Beach – Crank up the heat, spread out the beach towels and pretend it’s July in your living room.  Some tropical music, favorite books and a cooler full of treats are all you need to turn a snow day into a beach day.  To make it even more authentic, slather on some Hawaiian Tropic for that sweet summer smell.Bored Games – Chances are that even if your kids have outgrown Candyland and Mousetrap, you’ve still got them tucked away in the closet somewhere. Pull them out along with all your other board games and challenge the kids to play them all at least once.  They may think it’s silly, but once they get rolling, the giggles are guaranteed.

Designer’s Challenge – While most kids don’t like to clean their rooms, they do like a good competition.  Have your kids give each other bedroom makeovers and award prizes for the most creative.  Depending on their ages, this could involve simply cleaning and tidying up or rearranging furniture and swapping out accessories.

Movie Time – Why not make a movie instead of watching one?  Help your kids write a short script and get out the video camera.  If you are short on people, you can use stuffed animals and dolls as stand-ins.  And here’s a great place to find ideas for stop-motion animated videos kids can make on their own.

Party Time– Your kids aren’t the only ones home on a snow day.  Why not invite their friends over for an impromptu party?  Decorate with balloons and streamers if you’ve got them and put out whatever snack food you have on hand.  Keep them busy with an indoor scavenger hunt or a fun popcorn snowman craft.

The snowstorm that hit the Midwest is now heading east.  Are you ready for school closings?   How do you keep your kids happily entertained on snow days?

Image:  Misserion/Flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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