School Debates Ban on Valentine Flowers

valentine-flowersA Tennessee school is debating a ban on flower deliveries this Valentine’s Day. Finally some concern for all those single teens crying in their cornflakes while the mean girls collect their carnations.

Or maybe not.

The school’s main concern? Valuable staff time is being tied up on flower deliveries instead of, well, teaching kids. And, OK, the concern for kids’ feelings comes next in the report on News Channel Five. Not to mention safety concerns for those bus rides home (you’ll rose your eye out kid!).

The issue has got a lot of local florists in a huff because they say they depend on the school deliveries to make their bills in February. But the school isn’t there to make money for the floral industry – it’s there to educate the kids. And it seems just as likely that kids with a huge heart for their sweeties would have the flowers sent to their homes if they can’t do it in school. Unless they’re that caught up in the show of it – which gets us back to that “makes others feel bad issue.”

Generally the obsessive turn toward not letting children face heartache gives me a headache. The “every kid gets a Valentine” rule does have to end sometime, and high school is supposed to be a preparation for the real world. Where gosh oh gee, not everyone gets cards and candy.

But that doesn’t mean a spectacle on behalf of the “cool kids” is in anyone’s best interest, particularly not when it takes away from classtime.

Do you think Valentine’s Day flower deliveries belong in the high schools?

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