School Does Away With Lunch; Serves Brunch Instead Before 10 A.M.

School Does Away With Lunch; Serves Brunch Instead and Kids Eat 9am! via Babble
Would your kid eat roasted chicken at 9am?

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so many moms make a hot meal (or a bowl of cereal) before our kids head out to school each day. Then a packed lunch or a lunch purchased from the cafeteria should keep kids going until they get home…unless you live in one New York neighborhood, that is.

At I.S. 25 in Flushing, Queens, parents are up in arms because their children are being forced to eat their lunch at 9:45 am.

Due to overcrowding and the inability to schedule various lunch periods, Principal Mary Ellen Beirne sent home a letter notifying parents that their children would eat brunch instead of lunch to help ease the lunchtime crowd.

Does it matter that kids would be eating so shortly after breakfast? Apparently not, says Beirne, according to the NY Daily News, who stated that kids that age tend to skip breakfast anyway.

Today, on the first day of school at I.S. 25, the cafeteria will serve roasted chicken at 9:45 am.

How many kids will want to eat that on a hot, humid summer morning the first day back after a long break? My bet is not many.

What time does your child eat lunch in school?

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