Schoolgirl Assassin Coming to a Theater Near You

hit-girlThe comic book Kick-Ass is being adapted into a movie, and one of the main hooks is an 11-year-old girl who plays a trash-talking, butt-kicking ninja.

As this recently released trailer makes clear, Hit Girl is not messing around, with either her language or her murderous martial arts.

Jezebel has a positive take on the unusual superhero persona. “I smile every time I see that kid kicking ass and taking names in the trailer,” writes Latoya Peterson. “It is interesting to see a tweenage girl in a role that isn’t sanitized or sexualized.” But many commentators over at BoingBoing were disturbed by what one person termed the “blithe ‘murder is fun’ mentality” of the film.

The movie is rated R, so ostensibly Hit Girl is not supposed to be as a role model for any youth–she’s just a character who’s far more entertaining than your average killer. That said, anyone can watch the trailer online and we all know that an R rating hardly ever stopped a tween from seeing a movie.

What do you think? Is it cool that a girl is such a bad-ass? Or uncool that an 11-year-old is swearing like a sailor and throwing knives into people’s heads?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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