Science Win: Chocolate Helps Prevent Skin Cancer?

Need something to snack on while you’re enjoying that latte? You know, the one you’re enjoying because it totally helps prevent skin cancer and not just so you can get through the day? You should probably snack on some dark chocolate.

Because it turns out dark chocolate may help prevent skin cancer, too! Meaning ohmygah thank goodness scientists are actually researching something helpful instead of just telling me that movie theater popcorn butter is going to kill me.

For the details on the dark chocolate study, and a helpful graphic that will completely allow you to justify missing your chocoholics anonymous meeting, see below.

German researchers, presumably working in the Black Forest, conducted a study in which women added cocoa to their breakfast every day. I’m not sure if that means that Count Chocula Cereal is now a health food, but probably. Suck on that, Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Half the women got cocoa that was rich in flavonoids, and the other half got cocoa that tasted the same but had a much lower level of flavonoids. The group that got more flavonoids was less susceptible to burning under a UV light. The women who got more flavonoids also had smoother, moister skin, study authors said.

What the heck is a flavonoid? It sounds totally made up, but it’s a natural, plant-based anti-oxidant found in dark chocolate. You can also find some flavonoid compounds in tea and red wine (winning), and also in citrus, strawberries, and Brussels sprouts (screw that).

I would absolutely have participated in this kind of study, except that it took place in Germany, and also I’m not down with being irradiated with UV light. The more chocolate with breakfast thing sounds awesome, but that UV light burning sounds pretty sucky. I’m sending out a big thank you to the women who subjected themselves to UV irradiation in the name of Scientifically-Endorsed Chocolate.

Researchers caution that the findings are preliminary, and that the study was conducted only on 24 women. Blah, blah, blah. The take-home message here is obviously that you should continue to slather on sunblock and eat dark chocolate. And don’t forget that latte.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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