Sean Goldman Wants To Stay In Brazil

davidandseanA new development in the case of the New Jersey father who wants to bring his some home from Brazil.

The kid wants to stay. And he said it on video. (You can watch the clip here.)

Personally, I find this whole story very depressing. This video of the 9-year-old boy, Sean Goldman, saying that he wants to remain in Brazil with his Stepfather, doesn’t do anything to make me feel any better about it.

I’m not saying the kid should or shouldn’t stay. But it’s hard for me to accept the idea that he wasn’t coerced into saying that he wants to “stay in Brazil.”

To review: five years ago, David Goldman’s ex-wife Bruna Bianchi took their son Sean and fled to Brazil. David has been trying to get Sean back ever since. Last year, Sean’s mother died in childbirth, leaving Sean with his Stepdad. David thought he had succeeded in bringing his son back to the United States earlier this month, but that didn’t happen. So he’s still trying.

Again, it’s not up to me, and I don’t know what the legal issues are. It just seems possible that the video of Sean could have been influenced a bit. There’s more on the CBS Early Show, and the Stepfather will be interviewed there tomorrow.

Oy. Can’t we have more idiotic stories like this one?

Source: WCBS-TV

Image: Bring Sean Home

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