Seasonal Baby Names: Hello, Winter!

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Let's name her Winter!

Some parents go for days-of-the-week names — Nicole Kidman’s daughter Sunday Rose, for example.

Others look to the months of the year. I’m thinking of January Jones, countless Aprils, Mays, Junes and Augusts (though I doubt the calendar is what inspired that last one).

And then, there are the seasons, though, as with the months, not all of them. That could change, however.

Actress Gretchen Moll and her husband, Tod “Kip” Williams named their new baby girl Winter. Huh. Winter. We all know at least one Summer, right? And Autumn isn’t unheard of. But Winter? That’s a first. But it’s good for me. I like it.

This leaves us with the calendar names that don’t make the cut. Why aren’t people named Monday? Or October? Or … Spring? Spring Jones. Spring Smith. Spring Wilson. It could be cute! Sort of. Right?

Also, why don’t boys get these names. Except for August — and I’ve already said I doubt it comes from the calendar — days of the week, the months, the seasons are all girl.

What do you think of Moll’s daughter’s name? Did you consider any of these for your child?

Photo: vatobob on flickr via wikimedia commons

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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