Second Grader Suspended for Jesus Drawing

drawing-of-jesusA Massachusetts teacher told her class to draw something, so a kid drew a picture of Jesus. And now he’s been suspended from the school.

OK, let’s regroup here. Christmas is a holiday generally celebrated by Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ, and a picture of Jesus is bad because?

Well, because he was on the cross, of course, where the boy had put “x”s in the place of his eyes. Which school officials have explained made the drawing violent inĀ  nature – after all, the “x”s mean death.

Um, they do know that’s what happened, at least according to the basic tenets of every Christian faith?

The boy’s father spoke with a Massachusetts paper, explaining he thinks the school has violated his religion. He also threw in there that this is an eight-year-old with special needs.

Set all that aside. What is disturbing about a kid drawing Jesus on the cross? It’s a sight Catholic kids in particular see from the first day they walk into a church and every Sunday thereafter. For Christian children, it’s a fact of life. And when a Christian kid is taught “Jesus is the reason for the season,” then told to draw a picture that symbolizes Christmas, it’s hardly surprising that a picture of Jesus would show up – and in the way he’s most often seen. The baby Jesus version won’t show up in most American churches for another week and a half when he’s slipped into the manger. Kids draw what they see.

The boy was forced to undergo a psychological evaluation, which came up with nothing – he wasn’t violent or a danger to himself.

Image: Taunton Gazette

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