Seeing Double: Eerie and Elegant Portraits of Twins by Julie de Waroquier

Photographer Julie de Waroquier has been seeing double. The photographer from Lyon, France created a collection she called Chimeras or The Twins Project. de Waroquier took photographs of twins of all ages, from babies to seniors, all coming from different backgrounds, making each portrait unique, oddly ethereal, and stunningly beautiful. She found her twins mostly from word of mouth and through social media, primarily through Facebook.

de Waroquier has a very special bond with twins, saying, “twins have always fascinated me, and not only because I have a twin brother, they are almost magic, and yet they are real.” She continued, “Indeed, the fact that two people look exactly the same whereas they are not the same person is astonishing. It is like a real dream, or like a miracle. In some past or present civilizations, twins are even considered as gods… or as monsters. I thus wanted to photograph these twins in order to question how our society considers what is amazing and surprising in general.”

Seeing all these twins together is quite striking. “‘In my series, twins represent everything that is not rational but that however exists,” she said. And they will exist, forever, together, in her Twins Project. Check out some of her stunning photographs below and you can see more of her gorgeous work right here.

  • Girls on the Bridge 1 of 23
    Girls on the Bridge
    These twins have their own style, which you can see even though they are dressed the same.
  • Teen Boys 2 of 23
    Teen Boys
    A shared stance in addition to a shared look.
  • Flower Girls 3 of 23
    Flower Girls
    This set of older twins still looks like a mirror image even after all their years.
  • Boys on the Bridge 4 of 23
    Boys on the Bridge
    A set of adorable boy twins in matching red T-shirts.
  • Sisters 5 of 23
    Different lives but such similar bodies.
  • Girls on Stairs 6 of 23
    Girls on Stairs
    These twins show off their unique style while posing side by side.
  • Hipster Twins 7 of 23
    Hipster Twins
    These twins both seemed to grow up to be hip.
  • Floating 8 of 23
    One of my favorites: twins in flight.
  • Pinks 9 of 23
    These twins look like different stages of the same person.
  • It’s Black and White 10 of 23
    It's Black and White
    It's amazing that not just their features stay similar throughout the years, but so does their body shape.
  • Front to Back 11 of 23
    Front to Back
    It's as if you are seeing the front and back of the same person, but no, just twins.
  • Holding Hands 12 of 23
    Holding Hands
    This photo captures the bond between twins.
  • Triplets 13 of 23
    The one set of triplets represented.
  • Style Twins 14 of 23
    Style Twins
    I just hope these two always dress alike. They look fabulous.
  • Together 15 of 23
    These twins look so natural dressed the same, as if it's their every day look.
  • Brothers 16 of 23
    It's like they always have a buddy.
  • Little Girls 17 of 23
    Little Girls
    These two girls are still in the beginning years of their twin voyage.
  • Stripes 18 of 23
    I love this one, something about the way they are looking at each other.
  • Mystic Twins 19 of 23
    Mystic Twins
    This one looks like it should be a movie poster for some mystical tale of magical twins.
  • So French 20 of 23
    So French
    These twins embrace their Frenchness.
  • Water 21 of 23
    A pair of little twin girls, holding each other as if for support.
  • In the Weeds 22 of 23
    In the Weeds
    A gorgeous photo of a pair of beautiful twins.
  • Reflection 23 of 23
    One of the most gorgeous photos in the bunch, these twins and their reflections really captures the magic of twinness.

Photo Source:  Julie de Waroquier

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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