Selling Casey Anthony: 16 Weird & Wacky Items from Etsy & eBay

A Casey Anthony portrait, anyone?

There is a little industry that has flourished in the last couple of days – the selling of Casey Anthony.

On the upside, it’s nice to see that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the U.S.A.. The downside? That this eclectic collection of items from oil paintings to old yearbooks to bumper stickers are attempting to profit from this tragedy.

There are items such as a car decal of Casey Anthony for just $1.99 to one item for sale at a staggering $100,000. ¬†While a few are planning to donate their proceeds to charity, others are exploiting the situation for a quick buck. But hey, isn’t that the American way? One thing’s for sure, some of these items are odd, off-beat, and even offensive. (There’s a few we couldn’t include! We are a family website, you know).

Check out these 16 examples of Casey Anthony merchandise from the crazy, the kooky to the crassly commercial.

  • Casey Anthony SIGNED Freshman Yearbook 1 of 16
    Casey Anthony SIGNED Freshman Yearbook
    An old friend of Casey Anthony's is selling her signed Freshman High School yearbook. This is just one of the many Casey Anthony yearbooks being sold.
  • Casey Anthony Door Sticker 2 of 16
    Casey Anthony Door Sticker
    Not so welcoming... from Etsy here.
  • Got Kids 3 of 16
    Got Kids
    From Etsy here.
  • Florida Loves Murderers 4 of 16
    Florida Loves Murderers
    Oh, I bet the state of Florida loves that one. Available from Etsy here.
  • Casey Anthony Not Guilty Portrait 5 of 16
    Casey Anthony Not Guilty Portrait
    The artist Lacey (who is known for their pancake paintings) created this portrait of Casey Anthony which is up for auction on eBay here.
  • Court Trial Ticket for $1000 – Used 6 of 16
    Court Trial Ticket for $1000 - Used
    Would you pay $1000 for a used ticket from the trial? If you would, you can check out this piece of paper right here.
  • Judge Belvin Perry Jr 7 of 16
    Judge Belvin Perry Jr
    By Orlando, Florida artist Dawn S. on Etsy.
  • Jose Baez Painting 8 of 16
    Jose Baez Painting
    By Joke Frog Productions on Etsy here.
  • J Cheney Mason – Defense Attorney Painting 9 of 16
    J Cheney Mason - Defense Attorney Painting
    By Joke Frog Productions on Etsy here.
  • Casey Anthony Babysitter Company 10 of 16
    Casey Anthony Babysitter Company
    In bumper sticker form - from eBay.
  • Casey Anthony & OJ T-Shirt 11 of 16
    Casey Anthony & OJ T-Shirt
    "Hide Yo Kids! Hid Yo Wife!" on eBay here.
  • The Casey Anthony Voodoo Doll 12 of 16
    The Casey Anthony Voodoo Doll
    The seller claims that this is a real live voodoo doll that took "three years to make" and that the final ritual was performed after the verdict was read. Apparently the doll is "haunted and possessed by the evil demon that also possesses Casey Anthony." Not sure if I'd want that in my house. But if you do, check it out here.
  • Casey Anthony’s Shirt 13 of 16
    Casey Anthony's Shirt
    Someone happened to have the same shirt that Casey Anthony was wearing at the trial, and they are selling theirs. Just $250 starting bid or $750 as buy it now. But the "bulk proceeds" will go to an adoption charity.
  • CASEYANTONY.COM 14 of 16
    If you have a spare $100,000 you can buy the domain name - yes not Casey, but Casey (as well as several other related domains all priced at 100k.) But there is "Free Shipping."
  • A Baseball Signed by Jose Baez 15 of 16
    A Baseball Signed by Jose Baez
    Why a baseball? I have no idea. But the starting bid is just 99 cents.
  • Casey Anthony Trial DIORAMA 16 of 16
    Casey Anthony Trial DIORAMA
    Yes, a diorama. And it's just $450 right here on Etsy.

Thanks to Jezebel for the etsy inspiration.

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