SEO Optimization is Sexy

Blogs need traffic. Traffic brings long term readers. Long term readers build a successful blog. SEO optimization is a fancy term that means ‘how to make your blog sexier to Search Engines (Google/Bing) so they with send traffic to your site’. Now you see why SEO Optimization is so sexy?

Don’t stress out that you don’t actually know how to make your blog sexy to search engines. SEO can be something built-in via¬† handy WordPress Plugins so that your SEO stuff is happening automatically for you. I’m no SEO expert, but I look like one when cool plug-ins do the work for me. You can, too!

Try these plugins for SEO power and boost your blog’s performance online!

SEO Plugins for WordPress Blog Posts

One of the most popular plugins for helping boost your website’s Google juice (That term is icky, I know, but it is widely used. Whatchu gonna do, right?) seems to be the All in One SEO Plugin. You can set a Google-friendly title in the plugin part of your post, while still being cute and fabulous for the title of the post your readers see. Perfect for the people like me who don’t understand why Google can’t just read my mind and look at my pretty pictures!

The Google XML SiteMap plugin is something I’m told every WordPress site can use to help Google index your site – that means figure out where all your posts are so they can send you readers! And it works not just for Google but also the other search engines as well.

WordPress Plugin for Image SEO

Did you know that images can be formatted for better SEO? I know! I was shocked too. But I’m horrible at actually doing the SEO steps for good google juice from my images manually. Guess what? There’s a plugin for that too!

SEO Friendly Images plugin will automatically help create the alt text and title of your image so that even though you may not add them in manually every time you upload an image, you’ll still have some SEO power from your pictures. The alt text helps describe the image to Google and the title text is what you see pop up when you hover your mouse over an image.

Try these handy SEO plugins to help boost your blog’s performance automatically without a lot of added work and effort. And stay tuned for more ways to optimize your blog performance.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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