Sesame Street Teaches Kids How To Be Liberal

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Watch out for Big Bird and his leftist propaganda... straight from his nest.

Remember when we were young and we turned on Sesame Street to practice our ABCs and see what Big Bird was up to? That show has been a childhood favorite for generations of kids, from the Bert and Ernie from our days to Elmo and Abby Cadabby for today’s kids. My favorite character was Oscar the Grouch. To this day, I can sing his song “I Love Trash” word for word.

PBS remains the one channel I always feel comfortable having young children watch. There is no violence, bad words, over-the-top commercials, or anything that I would consider harmful in any way for even the youngest of children to view.

But a few conservatives are charging this popular kid’s show with everything from encouraging children to become liberals to teaching them to grow up without values.

Ben Shapiro says his book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV, is about liberal bias in the Hollywood industry. He claims the biggest Hollywood producers admitted that they bias their programming to a liberal standpoint and purposely discriminate against conservatives. Shapiro says Sesame Street is racist because they say they cater to “black and Hispanic youths who did not have reading literature in the house” and that the show has a “soft bigotry of low expectations”.

Shapiro also says the Sesame Street website encourages parents to use gender neutral language and give dolls to boys and fire trucks to girls, which Ken Blackwell, Former Ohio Secretary of State says is problematic:

“That’s setting up a problem. Just this year a high school in Virginia named a guy who was openly gay as a Prom queen. Sometimes fiction does inform reality. There’s a direct assault on this country’s moral foundation and it’s a problem.”

So I guess according to these two men, we should not be promoting tolerance and acceptance, but rather we, as parents, should spend our time teaching out kids about uniformity and mold them into cookie cutter shapes of one another.

The argument is so ridiculous it’s laughable.

Have you ever objected to anything seen on Sesame Street? Is Shapiro just going to extremes in promoting his book and disparaging Sesame Street purely for shock value?

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