Set Sail with Jake and The Never Land Pirates for a Treasure Trove of Party Ideas

be2d081ae23a89677fc2352ced64e0187645d818Ahoy, me hearties is your favorite pirate about to have a birthday? Well Shiver Me Timbers! Throw that little buccaneer the biggest pirate birthday bash this side of Pirate Island. Invite all of his/her best mates to enjoy a swashbucklin’ good time. Here Arrrr some crafts that won’t cost ya all yer gold doubloons and some tasty treats perfect for any celebration. Don’t forget about the games full of Pirattitude and Pirate Booty Bags! YO HO! But beware of Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, we’ve heard they have crashed many-a-birthday-party me hearties!

Did you know that it’s Jake’s Birthday too? Ayyyy!  Join Jake’s Surprise Party, Friday March 1 at 8:30am/7:30c on Disney Channel – Hey Parents: Make your child’s Birthday even more magical, get Jake or their favorite Disney Character to wish them a Personalized Birthday Greeting!

  • YO HO! YO HO! A Pirate Party for Me! 1 of 25
    Throw a Jake and the Never Land Birthday Party for your child!
  • Pirate Sail Table Decoration 2 of 25
    Sail away to the Never seas with this clever Pirate Sail TABLE DECORATION and take your pirate party to the next level... Sea Level!
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Printable Playset 3 of 25
    Let the kids create their own pirate adventures in Never Land with this PRINTABLE PLAYSET. It's easy for a grown-up to cut out and assemble before handing off to the little Never Land pirate in the house.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Party Invitation 4 of 25
    Put out the call to little pirates everywhere -- it's time to celebrate, Never Land style. Have the guest of honor help you stuff, seal and stamp these PIRATE INVITES and get the party started!
  • Cubby’s Never Land Fruit Fort 5 of 25
    This culinary creation turns FRESH FRUIT into a festive, healthy snack that'll really blow your little pirate down!
  • Treasure Hunt Map 6 of 25
    Create a fun game by drawing out a TREASURE MAP of your backyard or party area. Have someone hide several "treasures" around the location, then go out and collect them!
  • Pirate Ship Ahoy 7 of 25
    Kids will love walking the plank, turn a refrigerator box on its side and set sail on the waves of their imagination in this LIFE-SIZED PIRATE SHIP.
  • Jake’s Pirate Hat Cake 8 of 25
    Ask any birthday buccaneer if he wants a piece of this SWASHBUCKLING CAKE and you'll get a resounding, "Aye, matey!" Surround it with chocolate coins for an even more treasured treat.
  • Never Land Treasure Chest Cake 9 of 25
    Yo ho, let's go! This TREASURE CHEST CAKE will steal the show at your Jake and the Never Land Pirates-themed birthday party!
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Cake Topper 10 of 25
    Decorate your little pirate's birthday cake with this colorful PIRATE CAKE TOPPER.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirate Booty Bags 11 of 25
    Place a small treasure inside this "PIRATE BOOTY" GOODIE BAG for each of your party guests to take home and enjoy.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Cookie Stencils 12 of 25
    Hey, matey! Decorate a batch of cookies with these skull and sword STENCILS for a treat fit for a pirate.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Chest 13 of 25
    Avast ye mateys! Every pirate needs a TREASURE CHEST and yar no exception. This easy-to-make chest is the perfect place to store your riches -- just don't forget where you hide it!
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Thank You Cards 14 of 25
    Thank your best mates for coming to your awesome pirate party with Jake and the Never Land Pirates THANK YOU CARDS!
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Activity Book 15 of 25
    Hey, mateys! Looking for a fun island adventure? Well look no further. The Never Land Guide to Being a Pirate has lots of ACTIVITIES that are sure to blow you down! It's all fun and games til ' somebody has to walk the plank!
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Matching Game 16 of 25
    Ahoy, Matey! It's fun to play games, so try a MATCHING GAME that you can play by yourself or with your entire party crew!
  • Treasure Map Cupcakes 17 of 25
    Ahoy! Pirate enthusiasts and adventure seekers are sure to dig this island trove of TREASURE MAP CUPCAKES. Bestow a special honor on the birthday boy by presenting him with the "X" cupcake filled with an edible treasure (scoop a well from its center, place a candy inside, and frost over it).
  • Paper Bag Pirate Puppet 18 of 25
    Arrgggh, swab the deck matey, and hoist the anchor! It's time to make some cute PAPER BAG PIRATES and create your very own puppet show.
  • Pirate Skull Cookies 19 of 25
    Decorated with chewy chocolate candy and chocolate sprinkles, these SKULL SUGAR COOKIES are sure to be a hit with your own little Never Land pirate.
  • Pirate Placemat 20 of 25
    Draw and color a picture of yourself at Jake's Birthday Party Bash (print in color) and use it as a PIRATE PLACEMAT
  • Pirate Ship Maze 21 of 25
    This printable pirate TREASURE MAZE will keep your little skallywags busy while at your pirate party.
  • Captain Hook Cake 22 of 25
    You could say CAPTAIN HOOK'S obsession to get revenge on Peter Pan is way out of hand. But then again, had Peter not fed the pirate's appendage to a hungry crocodile, he might not have lost his grip.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates Coloring Page 23 of 25
    Here's a COLORING PAGE for the wee ones sure to send them off to Never Land. Let them dream up their own version of pirate life in a rainbow of color.
  • Jake and The Never Land Pirates Soundtrack CD 24 of 25
    Add the familiar sounds of your favorite PIRATE ROCK to liven up the crew.
  • Tell yer Mates to Dress up like a Pirate on the Invitation 25 of 25
    Make sure to take lots of pictures of the Pirate Crew and we wish your little buccaneer the Best Birthday Ever!


Source(s): Pirate party inspiration comes from Spoonful.com


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