7 Best Gift Ideas For Kids Who Love Science

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0
Kids can build their own robots with Lego.

In time for Black Friday, we’re sharing the best gifts of science for kids this holiday season. Why science? We recently told you about theĀ hottest jobs of the future, and, no surprise, most require an education in subjects like engineering, computing, biology and medicine. If you want your kids to have futures with great jobs and good salaries, there’s no question that math and science are where it’s at.

So how do you get your kids excited about and interested in science, if they aren’t already? We’ve got your answer with seven great gift ideas of science for kids that will peak their curiosity and make learning cool, with prices ranging from $15 to $250.

Oh, and be sure to share your ideas for awesome science gifts as well!

  • Terrarium Domes 1 of 7
    Terrarium Domes
    Biodomes are big this year, with two landing on Dr. Toy's Best Picks of 2011 list. Your kids can learn about growing plants with gifts that feature carnivorous plants like DuneCraft's Hydroponic Fly Traps or less menacing ones like their Fairy Triad Dome Terrarium, which comes with flowering plant seeds and fairy dust. Average retail price: $25-30
  • Science Kits 2 of 7
    Science Kits
    Science experiment kits are always popular with the kids, and every year there are even more to choose from. Try the Spa Science kit, which allows your kids to create safe potions and fragrances for bath time. Or check out the Crime Catchers Spy Science kit, which lets kids analyze ink and learn about DNA. Average retail price: $20
  • Science Magazines 3 of 7
    Science Magazines
    I love giving my kids magazine subscriptions. It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Cricket Magazines offers science-focused Odyssey magazine for children 9-14, and Ask magazine for kids aged 6-9. You might also consider Know magazine or Ranger Rick for your wildlife fans. Subscription price ranges: $15-35
  • Engineering Toys 4 of 7
    Engineering Toys
    For the budding engineer, there are all sorts of great toys that teach kids how to build bridges and buildings and create pulleys. When it comes to building, we're big fans of Keva blocks. Keva Contraptions teaches kids to build six different contraptions, including a turbine and a marble shooting gallery. Average retail price: $20
  • Engineering Toys 5 of 7
    Engineering Toys
    You might also consider toys from Engino, which has kits that teach kids how to build pulleys, levers, cams and more. Price range: $20-30
  • Robotics 6 of 7
    Topping Amazon's list of most popular toys this holiday season is Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0, which lets kids build their own robots that see, speak, feel, and move. Aimed at age 10 and up. Average retail price: $250 (Yikes!)
  • Chemistry Games 7 of 7
    Chemistry Games
    I've never really thought about having fun with chemistry, but this card game has won 8 different awards, including a Dr. Toy Best Pick 2011 and Creative Child Magazine's 2011 Game of the Year. Periodic Quest teaches kids about the periodic table of elements. Price: $30

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