Sextuplets Take New York

Sextuplets Take New York
Sextuplets Take New York on TLC

Sextuplets Take New York, TLC’s new reality series, is bound to draw comparisons to that other famous sextuplet family.  But Victor and Digna Carpio are no Jon and Kate.  And that’s a good thing.

The show, which premiered last night, takes a look at the daily lives of the Carpios and their seven children:  22-month-old sextuplets (four boys and 2 girls) and 9-year-old son, Jhancarlos.

From their small home in Queens, New York, Victor and Digna face many of the same challenges the Gosselins did – not enough space, money, time, etc. – but meet that challenge in a much kinder and gentler way.

Digna, who is a native of Ecuador, is patient and relaxed.  She speaks kindly to her children in English and Spanish and actually laughs about the fact that they are destroying her house. She isn’t as glamorous as the new and improved Kate Gosselin and that’s a large part of her appeal.  She looks just like you would expect her to look – harried and exhausted.  And unlike Kate, Digna seems genuinely happy amid the chaos of her large family.

Ditto for dad Victor.  He works a blue-collar job and acts like the adult he is.  He laughs, he smiles and he obviously loves his wife.

Those who enjoyed the drama and nastiness of Jon and Kate Plus Eight might find Sextuplets Take New York a little bit boring.  But for those of us who tune into to these types of shows because we are interested in the children, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air.

Sextuplets Take New York airs Tuesdays on TLC.  Will you watch or have you had your fill of large- family reality shows?

Image: TLC

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