Sexually Active Teens Are More Likely To Be Well-Behaved. Wait, What?

Study theorizes more sexytime leaves teens less time for troublemaking.

Good news for parents of sexually active teens!

If you can get past the fact that your teen is having sex, that is.

A new study shows that having sex may reduce teenage misbehavior. 

But there is one caveat.

It only applies to teens that are in relationships.

As reports, psychologist Paige Harden found that teens who have sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend are less likely to be antisocial than those who don’t have sex. Teens who have casual sex are more likely to act out.

What it all comes down to is that teens who spend every waking moment with significant others have fewer opportunities to get in trouble. Makes sense. Teens engaging in casual sex likely aren’t spending a lot of time with those partners which gives them more time to get into trouble.

As Anna North from speculates, “It would be interesting to see whether teens who are in relationships but aren’t having sex show comparably low levels of antisocial behavior.”

If the study does hold true, I guess the question becomes whether you’d rather have a well-behaved teen or one who is sexually active… Either way I agree with North who says “it’s time to lay to rest the idea that having sex automatically turns teenagers into drug-snorting, knife-fighting hellions doomed to a life of crime.”

I agree. Perhaps if having sex as a teen wasn’t considered so horrible (even though we all know from personal experience what horn dogs teens can be) more teens would feel comfortable taking the right precautions instead of feeling guilty, promising themselves and their partners they aren’t going to have sex anymore and then, inevitably, ending up in a compromising position without protection.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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