Sexy Sesame Street Costumes for Halloween Are Neither a Trick nor a Treat (PHOTOS)

Sexy Big Bird costume
Eat your heart out, Mitt

It’s one thing to dress little girls up like big girls. Especially when they’re dressed like big girls who wear little clothes, as in: next to no clothes. No more sexy cats for Halloween! Bring back the cute kitten costumes!

It’s a whole other — and almost equally gross — thing, however, when big girls dress like little girls. It takes infantilizing to a whole new, super-creepy level.

There’s a site that sells sexy Sesame Street costumes for grown women. Sales of the sexy Big Bird costume have reportedly spiked more than 500 percent since the first presidential debate. However, surely there must be better ways to show support for federal funding for public television.

Take a look (but be warned — you’ll never think of Oscar the Grouch the same way again):

  • Sexy Bert 1 of 6
    Sexy Bert
    Because nothing oozes sexy like a uni-brow.
  • Sexy Ernie 2 of 6
    Sexy Ernie
    Two men sharing a room with two separate beds? Sexy time!
  • Sexy Elmo 3 of 6
    Sexy Elmo
    Tickle me already, will you?
  • Sexy Cookie Monster 4 of 6
    Sexy Cookie Monster
    Mmmmmm...Me want bite of cookie.
  • Sexy Big Bird 5 of 6
    Sexy Big Bird
    Come on over and ruffle my feathers, won't you?
  • Sexy Oscar the Grouch 6 of 6
    Sexy Oscar the Grouch
    You know you want to help me turn this frown upside down.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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