Shiny Object! The Facebook Cover Designer App

It was only a matter of time once the new Facebook profile launched, featuring the lovely yet awkwardly sized “cover” photo that appears at the top of your page.

But naturally, now there’s an app for that.

The Facebook Cover Designer app for iPhone by Dropico Media uses a frame to help you take the perfect photo for your cover designer. Plus it comes with all kinds of cool filters (like Instagram, but dudes, SO MUCH COOLER).


The basic version of the app, which allows you to take photos and use a handful of filters, is free. To upgrade to pro and get the full group of filters costs a mere $.99. I of course upgraded to pro because COOL ASS FILTERS, yo. Want to see a sample?

Here’s a pretty boring picture of my bookcase in my office. It’s perfectly sized to be a cover photo. But it’s dull.


And, look, sparkly!

Oh dear. Is it… smoking?

Holy crap! It’s an inferno!

Heh. The filters are Retro, Sparkle, Smoke, and Hell.

You can also use any photos in your albums in the app, but there’s one tricky point: for some reason, you MUST have Location Services turned on in order to use photos from your albums. If you’re like me, and you say “no” to turning on the location services, it will take you a half hour to figure out how to turn them back on (it’s under “settings” and Location Services, cleverly). This is a significant enough issue that’s it’s mentioned several times in the review section of the app store on iTunes. So bear it in mind.

I’m sure that more apps like this will follow, but I’m excited to find a great opportunity to photograph and alter my Facebook cover photo into something less… glitzy than I have now. In the meantime, I’ll keep “setting things on fire.”

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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