Shiny Object: Waterproof Your Phone With NeverWet

NeverWet, a great waterproofing spray you can even use on smart phones!Last summer I was enjoying a lovely summer day at my friend’s pool when I realized something: I’d tucked my iPhone into the top of my suit while driving to the pool, and in my rush to cool off, I’d gotten into the pool with the phone. Yep, it was ruined.

Sadly, this wasn’t even the first time this had happened to one of my phones. My first iPhone went through the washing machine (all the way to the spin cycle!) yet somehow survived, only to die a terrible death when it slipped from my grasp into a bowl of soup (don’t read while you eat, ahem). So I’ve been watching the various products that have been developed to protect your smart phone so that my latest phone can stay safe and dry, particularly this summer when sweat and swimming are a risk.

I’ve looked at the LifeProof cases, but they are bulky and I’m not a fan. I’ve been using a ziploc bag when I go to the pool, but then today I saw the video for NeverWet, and let me say: WOW. This looks like it could be a real solution. And in a fun geek way it uses nanotechnology.

Take a look at the video below. It’s pretty impressive! But I should note this: if you follow their instructions for waterproofing your phone, you will be voiding your warranty for sure, but it might be worth the risk. And even if you don’t use it on your phone, here’s the thing: as parents, we can easily find a million ways to use this product. When I showed this video to my daughter, she said “We should get that for when we hike so I could go swimming and stay dry!” Brilliant child. Check it out!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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