Shiny Objects: Pingram and Pinzy

Apparently I can’t stop writing about all things Pinterest-ish. These two nifty app/trick/thingees (hey, thingy is a technical term, and clearly “thingees” is the plural form) are on deck here, and one will make hanging out on the current hot thing in social media even more fun, and the other will transform your Instagram experience as well.

First up is Pinzy. This awesome Chrome extension says about itself, “Pinzy will allow you view the enlarged, full versions of the rich and lovely images found on, simply by hovering over them!”



Here’s a screen shot.

Here I am hovering over this delectable tortellini dish.

Isn’t that awesome? One trick, though you have to click on the image once it’s enlarged in order to take action on the pin such as click over to the source or leave a comment. This confounded me initially, but now I’ve got the hang of it.

This second cool-ass site isn’t really about Pinterest, BUT. It’s SO COOL!

Pingram takes your Instagram stream… and gives it the Pinterest treatment. I KNOW.

Here’s a screen shot:

So pretty!

Nifty, right? One shortcoming, though: I haven’t been able to find a way to comment or like an Instagram photo in Pingram, alas, unlike most of the other web platforms for viewing your stream (my favorite is always Webtagram).

These two are DEFINITELY my shiny objects of the week. Now, off to Pinterest…


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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