"Shocking" Teen Pregnancy Video Banned from You Tube

A viral video of a school girl giving impromptu birth on a football field has been ripped off of You Tube for it’s shocking content. In the video, school kids flip out as a young woman pops a baby out on the 50 yard line, with graphic detail.

The video was produced by the NHS Leicester, a health services group in the UK, to combat high teen pregnancy rates there (one out of every 20).

What’s so shocking? I’d guess it’s the simulated crowning. Perhaps if the young woman had shot up a liquor store You Tube would not have banned it.

Obviously this is a fabricated video shot in an amateur, low-grade style so as to look real, but is anyone buying this for a second? Seriously, would teenage boys dash and scream like aliens just landed and were laying laser-blasted waste to the city? Would girls fight and wrestle around the new mother, jockeying for position in the circle like dogs? Unlikely. The drama of this teen birth scenario has been ratcheted up to above operatic levels. Sorry, kids see too much these days to get that whacked out over a gooey baby and some placenta.

Still it’s an interesting idea and definitely designed to scare. Although exactly what we’re supposed to be scared by is unclear. Birth is gross? It’s hard to call something that has announced its arrival nine months in advance shocking.

Source: Sky News

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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