Shocking! Women Spend 3 Hours Weekly Un-doing What Their Husbands Have Done

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Wait! You missed a spot!

I think my husband rocks. I really do. Sure, I poke a little fun occasionally about some of the, uh, interesting ways in which he takes care of the baby. But in the end I know he’s an adoring husband and a doting dad, and that’s all that really matters to me.

That being said, I have no doubt that the findings of a new study that says wives spend three hours a week re-doing chores that their husbands have already done are absolutely true. I also have no doubt that part of what the men do is actually fine, but women re-do it because they want it to be done better than fine.

The findings of the study were reported by the Telegraph, and the chores included things like not rearranging sofa cushions tidily enough, making the bed incorrectly and wiping down kitchen countertops.

I’m not going to list everything that my husband does that I feel compelled to re-do. But to name just a few: I regularly re-arrange the dishes in the dishwasher (to ensure more space is available), for one. He’s stopped putting away our daughters’ laundry because even though our 3-year-old knows in which drawer her pajamas belong, he can’t seem to remember.

I also re-wash dishes that he decided would get clean enough in the dishwasher. I do rearrange sofa cushions. If I’ve gone away without him, I do re-make the bed when I get home. I re-organize the refrigerator and pantry regularly, particularly after he’s put away the groceries. I won’t even get started on how much work I end up doing on the occasional nights that he “cooks” dinner. And when he says he’s wiped off the stovetop? I guess I believe him, although when it takes me five minutes to actually do it, I wonder what he thinks he’s done, exactly.

I am confident all of this takes at least three hours a week. Which probably — or definitely — says much worse things about me than it does him. But it’s what it is.

Like the findings in the study, I am also with the two-thirds of women who will admit that my husband genuinely does try to get things right (and by “right,” of course, I mean to my satisfaction). I also agree with the findings that showed one-fifth of men don’t even know they do their chores badly. And I try to be among the half of women who don’t bother letting their partners know they’ve done them badly (emphasis on try).

According to the study, men are also more likely to leave a mess disorganized or put things away in the wrong place so that no one will ever find them again.

It’s not easy living with me; I am aware of that. And my husband is aware that he’s not the greatest housekeeper ever, either. He would gleefully give up his chores. But since I won’t take them on gleefully, I’ll just continue spending three hours a week living out the very definition of insanity.

And we’ll still live happily every after.

How much time, if any, do you spend re-doing what your spouse or partner has already done?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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