Shopkick Your Back to School Needs

Shopkick is a new iPhone app that will reward you for doing something you are doing anyway:  Back to school shopping.

Unveiled today at an American Eagle Outfitters shop in New York City, Shopkick will not only save you money and earn you rewards, but might just make the dreaded chore of back to school shopping actually seem like fun.

You can see a slide show demonstration of exactly how Shopkick works at Business Insider, but here’s the basics:

After you’ve downloaded the free Shopkick app to your iPhone, grab your back-to-school shopping list and hit the mall.  When you enter a participating store, check in by opening the Shopkick app.  You have to actually enter the store to activate the application, but you earn Kickbucks rewards just by walking through the doors.

Once activated, the Shopkick app will inform you of discounts and specials available right now in that store.  But that’s not all.  Look around the store for Shopkick promotion signs and scan them with your iPhone.  Each time you do that, you earn more Kickbucks.  Enter the fitting room, earn more Kickbucks.  Look around for more signs, scan them and earn more Kickbucks.  It’s like a shopping scavenger hunt!

Best of all, you don’t even have to buy anything to earn the rewards.  Just enter the store, have a look around and scan some things and you will rack up Kickbucks.

But here’s the most important part:  What do these Kickbucks actually get you?  It depends on the store and the amount of Kickbucks you’ve earned, but the points can be redeemed for gift cards, music downloads or even donated to a favorite cause.

This Shopkick idea totally appeals to the geeky shopper in me.  What about you?  Is this a savvy shopper’s dream?  Or a gimmicky waste of time?

Image: Business Insider

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