Should All Schools Be Peanut Free? (VIDEO)

I will start by telling you neither of my children have peanut allergies.  In fact, they don’t have any food allergies at all.  And their school is not peanut free. Since my son was able to have peanut butter, it has been the thing he has requested for lunch.  Every single day.

But I know that a lot of children, in many schools around the country do not have this as an option.  The number of schools around the country that have committed to an entirely ‘peanut-free’ environment to protect children with serious allergies is on the increase.  I was reading about a particular school in Viola, Arkansas that confiscated a child’s peanut butter sandwich and sent a note home to his mother. According to the Yahoo article, it seems mom wasn’t too happy about the note and started a group on Facebook to discuss her frustrations about the school being entirely peanut-free. Some parents don’t believe the school should be catering to the needs of a few children with allergies – especially if it means eliminating what has traditionally been a childhood favorite for lunches and snacks – and a low-cost one, at that.

It just so happens this is the same opinion my children’s school has. The children with peanut allergies sit at a designated ‘peanut-free’ table during lunch….though if lunch or snacks need to be had in the classroom, those must be peanut free.

More thoughts in the video.

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