Should Smoking Be Banned When Kids Are Around?

There’s been a recent move to ban smoking in cars or homes when children are present.

Given what we know about the dangers of second-hand and even third-hand smoke, this seems like a no brainer to a lot of us. But some people are crying foul, claiming it’s a civil right to do what you like in your own home. Even if what you like to do is not only stupid and self-destructive, but injurious to your kids, too.

Parenting is running a poll on this question. So far, the overwhelming majority of respondents, upwards of 75%, support banning smoking in homes and cars with kids.

What are the other 25% thinking?

There’s little if any excuse for smoking these days, especially around children. We know smoking kills. We know being around smokers makes kids more likely to smoke. We know second-hand smoke causes many of the same health problems smoking causes. We know that even being in a home a smoker lives in, touching the chemical-drenched furniture and clothes, can cause health issues.

Yes, we like to keep the government out of our private business. Doing what we like in our own homes is one of the privileges of a free society.

Hurting our kids isn’t. We’re not allowed to do things that hurt our children, or unnecessarily expose them to harm. The kids have a right to breathe the cleanest air we can offer them, whether their parents like it or not.

Photo:Valentin Ottone

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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