Should You Have Kids?

shouldyouhavekidsWondering whether or not you should have kids?

Momlogic has you covered with this decision tree that walks you through all the important questions prospective parents face.

Like, “Are you grossed out by poo?” and “Do you like people barging in on you when you’re having sex?”

Any parent will get a laugh out of this funny chart, which really emphasizes the gross, awkward, exhausting challenges of parenting.

I know when my childless friends ask me if they should procreate, I always say, “Only if you have to.”

By which I mean, if you’re toying with the idea of having a baby the same way you might toy with the idea of picking up a new hobby, you should probably skip it.

Parenting is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I suspect that is true for most people who do it. You should bet on it being the hardest thing you ever do. Even harder than you are imgaining it being as I’m saying this.

If you’re planing to have a child because you know you want to raise a family and cannot possibly be fulfilled until you have your very own beloved babe puking down your cleavage at 2 a.m., by all means get knocked up as soon as possible. With that attitude you’ll be well equipped to weather the unique joys and strains of living with someone whose demands for attention and care will wash over you like the stream from a broken fire hydrant.

All joking aside, this chart set me wondering what considerations people do bear in mind when deciding to start a family. I didn’t so much plan my first pregnancy as wander blissfully into it. There was no pre-conception detox or careful financial plan; I didn’t choose “a good time”. I was in love, I wanted a baby, I went camping without any back-up birth control, and *voila* I became a Mommy.

What did you think about when deciding to have your kids? Did you know you’d want children someday, or were you on the fence? If you were unsure, what pushed you into your decision?

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