Should You Reward Your Children For Doing Chores?

Camp Reward vs Camp Duty

There are two camps that exist in the great chore debate: to reward your kids for participating or to consider chores as part of their duties as being part of the family. Each one of these chore-doing philosophies has its own merits, yet each has very different lessons in their messaging. For the sake of this conversation we’ll call them “Camp Reward” vs. “Camp Duty”.

Camp Reward
Giving a child an allowance is a custom for many families. It not only gives the child an incentive to do the dishes, clean the windows, or to sweep, but it is an early lesson on establishing a strong work ethic. Children learn the value of hard work and the power of earning money from their efforts. This could be considered the “capitalist plan.”

Camp Duty
Then there are those parents who believe that a child should be raised to do chores and help the family out without any kind of financial or material reward. The child is raised with the idea that one should do the things that need to be done without some sort of bribe and that it is his duty to the family to help out when needed. This could be considered the “altruistic plan.”

Do children end up with different values, depending on which camp they fall into?¬†What do you think? Do you belong to one of these ‘camps’ and if so, do you feel strongly about it?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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