Show Us Your Ears – March (Mouse Ears) Madness

It’s March (Mouse) Madness and we can’t think of a more magical way to celebrate than wearing Mouse Ears! Lots of people must feel the same because we’re getting so many emails of  awesome pictures of Disney Fans in their ears! We had such a good time featuring your photos with the February Show Us Your Ears Gallery ~ Keep them coming!

You keep showing us your ears and we’ll keep celebrating the “Year of the Ear” with Disney Parks and Limited Time Magic.

Here’s how: Tag your photos #ShowUsYour Ears on Instagram.

  • Here are 25 of the CUTEST Ears we’ve seen so far! 1 of 26
    Here are 25 of the CUTEST Ears we've seen so far!
    If you'd like to join in the fun, hashtag your Instagram Photos #ShowUsYourEars and you may be featured next month in our magical gallery! Show Us Your Ears Info
  • You’ve Got A Friend In Me 2 of 26
    You've Got A Friend In Me
    Slap on your boots, vest and ears. Hey Howdy Hey - It's Woody! And what a cute little cowboy he is. Photo by @aritrimmer
  • Whazzup???? 3 of 26
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This little one's facial expression is absolutely PRICELESS! Photo by Brittney of Britt-ish Designs
  • Here Comes The Ears 4 of 26
    Here Comes The Ears
    Matching ears for the Bride and Groom? Yes please. These two sweet siblings are filled with Disney Love as they walk down the beach aisle. Photo by Colleen of Classy Mommy and Disneyed
  • How Many Ears Do You See? 5 of 26
    How Many Ears Do You See?
    Mirror Mirror on the wall...Who has the fairest ears of all? Photo by @2sisters_angie
  • It’s So Much Friendlier With Two 6 of 26
    It's So Much Friendlier With Two
    Who doesn't love walking into the Magic Kingdom with a friend! "This is @princessjess508 and me at the #magickingdom together, sporting our frump ears!" Photo by @disney_frump
  • The Happiest Ears on Earth 7 of 26
    The Happiest Ears on Earth
    You can't help but smile when you see this little Mouseketeer's face. "My son Jo-Jo was super excited about going to Animal Kingdom for a Disney Social Media Moms dinner in 2012. We were on the bus getting ready to go and he was ALL EARS, excited and ready to enjoy the ride!" Photo by Kia of CincoMom and Disney Doodah
  • Matching Ears 8 of 26
    Matching Ears
    Nothing like seeing a pair of Disney fans wearing matching ears. Definitely a magic moment to capture the camera phone. "Sophia wanted matching sparkly ears." Photo by Suzanne of Zannaland
  • Mickey Go Round 9 of 26
    Mickey Go Round
    Round and Round he goes. Wearing his Mickey ears, his excitement really shows. Photo by @funnyostrich
  • All In The Family 10 of 26
    All In The Family
    Jessica McFadden of A Parent in America and her three children on daughter Alice's first birthday at Walt Disney World during the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms celebration. (How is she ever going to ever top that birthday?)
  • To The Parks 11 of 26
    To The Parks
    Ears are magical whether you are wearing them or not! Check out these ears, on their way into the Disneyland Parking Structure! It's going to be a Disney Day! Photo by @missliz84
  • Minnie (Mini) Mouse 12 of 26
    Minnie (Mini) Mouse
    Make your mouse ears even more fun by adding a little nose & maybe even a tail. This Mini Minnie has just stolen our hearts! Photo by @dixiepixiefretwell
  • Little Sister’s Ears 13 of 26
    Little Sister's Ears
    Look at these three. I guess not everyone is as excited as we are to get their photo taken while wearing ears. "quality sibling bonding at Disneyland" Photo by @mgdoglosquared
  • Happy Girl 14 of 26
    Happy Girl
    Look at how happy wearing ears makes this little girl. How can you not smile seeing this happy girl? Photo by @whitney_ruddock
  • Family at EPCOT 15 of 26
    Family at EPCOT
    Making Memories at Disney Parks. "Me and my family deserve a Disney Vaca after this storm! (Btw: this is one of my all time favorite pictures of my and my family in our happy place!)" Photo by @nicolelouises
  • Wearing her Ears makes Julie less angry. 16 of 26
    Wearing her Ears makes Julie less angry.
    Sporting her Limited Time Ears, here's what Julie had to say about this photo: "Rocked the gold "Limited Time Magic" ear hat today @runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Expo while working the @runTeamSparkle booth wearing the gold mini dot skirt. I got tons of compliments." Photo by Julie of Angry Julie
  • Sisters Who Love Wearing Their Ears 17 of 26
    Sisters Who Love Wearing Their Ears
    "Leila and Hailey like to pretend we're going to Disneyland instead of preschool." Who can blame them? We do a lot of imagining that we are at Disney too! Photo by @jgvaldeezy
  • Dole Whip Face 18 of 26
    Dole Whip Face
    We know the feeling! Wearing your ears while eating a Dole Whip at a Disney Park can be overwhelming! It's pretty exciting at any age! Photo by @reyna_27
  • Someday My Prince Will Come 19 of 26
    Someday My Prince Will Come
    "Move over Cinderella! (Literally)" This girl has got her eyes on a certain Disney Prince. But who can blame her... He's just so charming! Photo by @uglysweetdee
  • Mickey Balloon Hugger 20 of 26
    Mickey Balloon Hugger
    Because sometimes you just want to hug a Mickey Mouse Balloon! Photo by Cher of Mom and More
  • Toontown or Bust! 21 of 26
    Toontown or Bust!
    Take a tour of Toontown with these cute characters. They are setting out on a 'Goofy' adventure at Disney. Photo by Bliss Mama
  • That family that wears ears together, stays together 22 of 26
    That family that wears ears together, stays together
    These two siblings are obviously enjoying their day at Disney. They look just adorable and have sprinkled pixie dust on our day! Photo by @johnisha_c
  • Ready for Disney 23 of 26
    Ready for Disney
    All decked out in their personalized ears and lanyards. These two cuties are ready for a magical day at Disney! Photo by @dizneymomma
  • Cast Member Selfie With Ears 24 of 26
    Cast Member Selfie With Ears
    "My first time working the holidays as a Cast Member and I was too thrilled to be wearing my new Holiday ears. We were suppose to wear them Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After the holidays we got to keep the ears or donate them to charity; I kept mine but donated a toy to charity." Photo by @buddhaforwicked
  • A Hug From Mickey 25 of 26
    A Hug From Mickey
    A hug from your favorite Disney character can make everything that much more magical! Photo by @ktubbs21
  • Vinylmation Love 26 of 26
    Vinylmation Love
    Ears + Vinylmations = DISNEY LOVE Photo by @stevensbecky
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