Sick Grandma Inspires Dad to Capture His Daughters in the Most Magically Creative Way (PHOTOS)

Angry Birds
Who doesn't love Angry Birds?

In November 2006, Jason Lee of San Ramon, Calif., started a personal blog chronicling the lives of his daughters, Kristin and Kayla. His mother had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and wasn’t able to see her granddaughters on a regular basis for fear she might catch any cold or sniffles they might be harboring, so he wanted to ensure she could still enjoy them as much as possible. His mom is still fighting today, and Jason has continued honoring his promise of documenting his girls to cheer up their grandmother via a photo journal.

The results are nothing short of s-p-e-c-t-a-c-u-l-a-r. From flying bicycles and Angry Birds, his work is beyond magical (thanks to his background as a professional photographer, and also the wonders of Photoshop) — and the stories that accompany the images give further access to the full life of two lively little girls. The beautiful photos of his daughters by wife Selina are interspersed with giggle-worthy images that capture the playful and joyful spirit of the clearly loving family.

Take a look at Kristin and Kayla as seen by their dad Jason, and decide for yourself if you’ve ever witnessed more whimsical and marvelous childhood images captured on film:


  • Let your hair down 1 of 25
    Let your hair down
    Kristin is at the phase where she is ALWAYS touching her hair in some form or fashion. Wake up, twirl hair. Brush teeth, quietly observe and style her hair. Eat breakfast, twirl hair, get in food. On the way to school, plan on how to tie up her hair. The list goes on and on.
  • Just add water 2 of 25
    Just add water
    Just like following directions on a cake box right? If life were only that simple.
  • Happy birthday, Kristen 3 of 25
    Happy birthday, Kristen
    Kristin turns 6 today. Per her request, we went to Children's Discovery Museum for an early Birthday celebration yesterday. As usual, she was all cheesy smiles when we got there.
  • Mom always said to never ride your bike in the house 4 of 25
    Mom always said to never ride your bike in the house
    These were among many of the things I was told not to do growing up, and for good reason lol. I am thankful for all my mom has done to raise me and my brother. Many of the things I didn't agree with at the time, but now I realize it was for the best.
  • GOAAAAAAL! 5 of 25
    This is just a little bittersweet for me. Late last year, Kristin decided that she had enough of ballet. After almost 6 years, she decided to throw in the towel, or rather leotard. She wanted to try something new. Soccer. Soccer? Sure, why not. She has been attending soccer practice(s) since November of last year, and they had tryouts last Sunday. She made it in. So now Selina gets to be soccer mom for who knows how long. Until the next time Kristin decides she's tired of soccer.
  • In one ear and out the other 6 of 25
    In one ear and out the other
    I swear, it's really true. You can ask them to do something one second, and it's like they didn't even hear it.
  • Ready for liftoff 7 of 25
    Ready for liftoff
    Kristin is not a big fan of fireworks. This morning, she goes "Umm, I don't like fireworks. I mean, I like watching it, but it's just too loud." Kayla's all ready to go though. She doesn't mind the noise.
  • You turkey head . . . 8 of 25
    You turkey head . . .
    . . . was taken a bit too literally.
  • It’s like a . . . 9 of 25
    It's like a . . .
    . . . .....hurricane went through our house. This is a typical scenario at the Lee household. Toys, games, and other miscellaneous items flung all over the place. Don't get me started on their clothes that they just randomly plop down where they see fit.
  • When push comes to shove 10 of 25
    When push comes to shove
    Sharing. Lending. Trading. Giving. Whatever you want to call it, they're all the same in this household. A few months ago, Kayla gave this stuffed tiger to Selina and says, "This is for you to sleep with! You can have it OK?" Then, the other week it mysteriously disappears from our bed. Last night, after putting them to bed, we hear Kayla crying and Kristin screaming about something so we go investigate. Well apparently Kristin ended up with the tiger, and apparently they 'traded' it with each other. Now trading to me means transfer of goods, a permanent transfer right? Apparently Kayla doesn't think so. To her it means you can take back what you gave/traded at any given time. Selina had to bring up the whole "But you gave it me though!?!?", which further confused things for Kayla. In the end, she won out and got her stuffed tiger, only to wake up this morning looking for another stuffed animal that she probably shared, lent out, traded, or gave to someone. Oy.
  • Bieber Fever: Happy Valentine’s Day 11 of 25
    Bieber Fever: Happy Valentine's Day
    Kristin and Kayla enjoy listening to the high pitched, catchy tunes of Justin Bieber. Me, not so much. They also like the young Michael Jackson songs when he with the Jackson 5. When we got this copy of Vanity Fair in the mail, Kayla's eyes opened wide and said "OOHH Justin BEAVER!!!"
  • On Saint Patrick’s Day, please no . . . 12 of 25
    On Saint Patrick's Day, please no . . .
    . . . drinking and driving. Unless it's milk.
  • Happy birthday, Kayla 13 of 25
    Happy birthday, Kayla
    Yes, you CAN wear a Christmas hat, and a ballet outfit, and tie your blankie/T-shirt combo to use as a cape. It's your birthday, you can do whatever you want.
  • All I wanted for Fathers Day was to sleep in 14 of 25
    All I wanted for Fathers Day was to sleep in
    But instead, check out the SWEET loot I got from the K's.
  • 1-Up 15 of 25
    Hope everybody has a safe and Happy Halloween!
  • If it looks good, eat it 16 of 25
    If it looks good, eat it
    We enrolled Kristin in a few summer classes this year, and one of them was cooking. She likes the show Bizarre foods, so now she has an opportunity to make her own bizarre foods. She brought home a few items she made during the week, but off the top of my head, she made cinnamon toast, egg rolls, fried rice, ice cream, lemon frosted donut, smoothies, Italian zucchini, fruit salad, and her favorite thing of all.......this jello fruit cup. Of course she was kind enough to share with Kayla.
  • I told her to hang on 17 of 25
    I told her to hang on
    She didn't listen.
  • K is for Kayla 18 of 25
    K is for Kayla
    Hard to believe, but Kayla is about to embark on a new journey that is going to last many many years. She'll be starting kindergarten in about a month from now. We enrolled her in a kindergarten prep class, fearing the worst, as she has always been hesitant and shy in new environments. On the first day of class, she lined right up and waved goodbye to us without a blink. We were both very surprised and sad at the same time. Turns out she had recognized a familiar face from Kristin's ballet class, and was actually excited about school.
  • You’re doing it wrong 19 of 25
    You're doing it wrong
    Kristin loves to help around the house, especially now that school is almost done. She helps out at dinner and offers to do little chores here and there. Kayla is the complete opposite. She expects us to do everything for her.
  • If they could have it their way, it would be chocolate syrup for toothpaste 20 of 25
    If they could have it their way, it would be chocolate syrup for toothpaste
    I don't know what it is, but I think cavities run in the family. I have my fair share of cavities, and I know my mom and dad have a bunch. I'm pretty sure the K's are on their way as well. Kristin already has a few, and supervised flossing and brushing are a regular routine now.
  • Juggling too many things at once 21 of 25
    Juggling too many things at once
    It's a constant juggling act. School, piano class, dance class, Chinese class, art class, homework, vacations, birthday parties...the list goes on and on. There's always time to make Easter eggs though : )
  • Science experiment of the day 22 of 25
    Science experiment of the day
    Kristin is a hoarder. Well both of them actually. They have a tendency to keep everything, from little things they pick up at school (think rocks, leaves, branches, etc) and never want to get rid of them. They end up on the floor, in drawers, and worst of all, in the washing machine. Kristin has had these balloons since her birthday in October of last year. How am I going to get rid of them without her noticing?
  • Too much TV turns you into . . . 23 of 25
    Too much TV turns you into . . .
    We don't let the kiddos watch a lot of TV, maybe 3-4 hours per week. When they do watch TV, they just veg out and don't move during the entire duration. I can see where the term 'couch potatoes' comes from.
  • Angry Birds 24 of 25
    Angry Birds
    Who doesn't love Angry Birds?
  • Catch of the Day 25 of 25
    Catch of the Day
    Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

All images and captions courtesy of Jason Lee and JWL Photography

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