11 Signs You’re a Hipster Parent


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    1: You wear nerd glasses

    You wear nerd glasses Although now they’re so ubiquitous you nearly knocked over a street stand full of them while dropping the kids off at Yogalates, these were one of the first symbols of hipster chic. No prescription? No problem! Fake it until someone at Mommy and Me calls you out — then let Junior accidentally step on them in the bathroom and tell everyone you didn’t think they were cool, anyway.

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    2: You love nostalgic toys

    You love nostalgic toys Oh, you’re playing Angry Birds on your iPhone? That’s cool, we’re just keeping it real with our Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone. What’s that, you ask? No big deal, just some really obscure toy you’ve never heard of.

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    3: You ride a cruiser bike

    You ride a cruiser bike Since becoming a parent, you might’ve had to trade in your two-wheeled wonder for something more practical, like a hybrid or Volvo wagon. But when you do have the time for a hipster family bike ride, we like these affordable options (all under $550, so you can save for Vassar tuition).

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    4: You miss Polaroids

    You miss Polaroids Polaroids were perfect: a hint of nostalgia for all the instantly developed snapshots of our youth, the instant gratification-ness of the ’00s without all that messy Internet, and enough contrast to make you look effortlessly awesome — even with bags under your eyes and peas in your hair. Then they stopped making them. Thankfully, Fujifilm has a decent version that produces cute credit card-sized snaps. (If the camera’s still a little out of your budget, the free iPhone app Instagram will fill that vintage-tinged void in your life.)

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    5: You rock a baby carrier

    You rock a baby carrier The verdict is in: baby-wearing dads are hot. But if the bevy of baby slings has you feeling a little unoriginal, these BabyHawk customizable baby carriers are the solution. They even come in koi-printed fabric — you know, to match your tattoo sleeve.

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    6: You have a mustache (dads only)

    You have a mustache (dads only) Dads, look in the mirror. If the shadow on your upper lip is growing past five o’clock, you may be a hipster parent. If you’re still unsure, check your baby’s onesie and your preschooler’s Halloween costume. Mustaches on both? You’re officially a hipster.

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    7: You buy cheeky Band-Aids

    You buy cheeky Band-Aids When even your first-aid kit has style, you know you’re a hipster parent. These bandages from Urban Outfitters have every Etsy seller’s favorite saying: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Good advice for fixing big boo-boos, but otherwise … the drugstore aisle is fine, too.

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    8: Your baby wears moccasins

    Your baby wears moccasins Not sure what to dress your tot in for that free Bon Iver concert in the park? Dude — no sweat. With these baby moccasins that are as comfy as they are cool, your kid will be able to hang with all the other babies, complaining that the milk in their bottles isn’t soy and insisting that Justin Vernon’s self-titled was, like, so much better.

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    9: You own a DSLR

    You own a DSLR Hold still, Mommy has to photograph you in the one pristine room in our house before you ruin your handmade onesie. Don’t get us wrong, we love the end result, but if you find that you remember to pack your Nikon more often than snacks and extra diapers, you might be a hipster parent. Heck, these days even your iPhone camera can be turned into a DSLR.

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    10: You have an urban address

    You have an urban address For all the times you cursed the unhappy meeting of a stroller and a 4th-floor walk-up or lamented the lack of decent schools or the space to play Wiffle ball, remember that you live a stone’s throw away from museums, theaters, cafes, zoos, and more that you just can’t get out in suburbia.

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    11: You talk on a rotary phone (kinda)

    You talk on a rotary phone (kinda) Even smart phones are fair game for the vintage vibe hipster parents ache for. With this rotary iPhone dock, you can once again cradle a receiver while calling your artist friends in London or ordering gluten-free, vegan, Asian-fusion take-out — again.

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