10 Signs You’ve Found "The One"

In love, is there really such thing as “the one”? The romantics among us would like to think so.

Who doesn’t appreciate the idea of that rare and wonderful person who stands above all others and “gets you” in a way no one else ever could?

That person you meet and swear you’ve not only known, but known and loved for countless lifetimes before this one.

If you’ve found this person, hold on tight and never let go. If you’re not quite sure, take a look at these 10 signs you’ve found “the one” – after the jump!

  • Silence is comfortable 1 of 10
    Silence is comfortable
    There's no need to fill empty conversational space when you're together. Sometimes the most is said in silence.
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  • You feel safe 2 of 10
    You feel safe
    A hug that feels like home with arms that leave you feeling safe, protected and loved.
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  • You trust 3 of 10
    You trust
    You trust this person with more than everything you own; you trust them with your heart.
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  • You’re happy 4 of 10
    You're happy
    There's no denying the happiness that has become you. The world is more beautiful than ever for the love you've found.
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  • You share life priorities 5 of 10
    You share life priorities
    You both want the same things in life at the same times and you want them together. Never underestimate a shared vision of life in love.
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  • You can be yourself 6 of 10
    You can be yourself
    You've found someone who celebrates all that you are, quirks and all.
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  • Everyone knows it 7 of 10
    Everyone knows it
    Friends and family notice the positive change in you as a result of your romantic relationship.
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  • You put them first 8 of 10
    You put them first
    You put your partner's needs above your own and they do the same for you, gladly.
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  • You laugh 9 of 10
    You laugh
    Your partner has the unique ability to keep you smiling until your cheeks hurt.
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  • You just know 10 of 10
    You just know
    Far beyond all logic and practical reason, your heart just knows this person is your soul mate.
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Have you found “the one”? How did you know?

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