Girls Get Silly Over Rubber Bands

Attention parents: the new must-have item among elementary-aged children isn’t a video game or a stuffed animal you raise on the Internet.  It’s a wearable toy that hearkens back to a simpler time, when children played with rubber bands and string.  They are, in fact, just rubber bands, available in a wide variety of shapes, including dolphin and ‘french fries.’  According to CBS News senior business correspondent Anthony Mason, don’t be surprised when your daughter asks for Silly Bandz.  Priced at “about $5 for a pack, stores can’t keep them in stock.”

In Mason’s interview with young girls in Yonkers, NY, a student named Claire said her friend was wearing so many Silly Bandz she lost her circulation. Robert Croak, the inventor of Silly Bandz, says his business “has grown 10 times in the past six months” and ships 1,500 boxes of them out to stores every week – without any advertising.  Word is spreading via the Internet.

Novelty jewelry has always been a big hit with school girls.  Children of the 80’s will remember the rows of jelly bracelets we wore with matching shoes and all the hours spent in middle school making friendship bracelets out of colored string. I remember stringing beads on safety pins and shoelaces.  In elementary school, most of my classmates had plastic charm necklaces hung with an array of charms from lipstick to high heels and even an abacus.  We would all fawn over each other’s newest additions, and sometimes trade charms.  It’s nice to know that in these high-tech times, girls can still geek-out over such a simple pleasure.

Photo: CBS News

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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