Silly Bandz Take Aim At Adults

What do Sarah Jessica Parker and my kindergartner have in common? A wristful of Silly Bandz, the funky plastic bracelets that have become a national obsession for the under-ten crowd.

After taking over our children’s forearms, the Ohio-based company is coming for their mams and papas. Sarah Jessica Parker, Anthony Bourdain and a handful of other celebrities have already been spotted wearing the colorful bracelets. The company CEO says that’s all just part of the plan.

Robert Croak, who invented the crazy little bands, told the New York Times:

“When we developed them, we always thought they’d be a great fashion accessory for all ages. Kids just took to them first.”

I can’t imagine why kids latched onto wearing neon-colored rubber bands shaped like dogs, spaceships and letters before their parents did. Wait, yes I can. What adult would wear something like that on purpose? I don’t fancy dressing like my kids.

I can see the appeal of a playful, colorful accessory, but it really feels a bit like wearing my kids’ hair barrettes or carrying a Hello Kitty backpack: just too impossibly twee to work. Maybe when I was in college and kid stuff was adorably ironic. But now? I’m surrounded by little girl schwag. There’s nothing fun in pretending to be a little girl myself.

What do you think? Will you start accessorizing with Silly Bandz, or leave them in your kids’ capable hands?

You and your kids will soon have more options for your Silly Bandz addiction: the company is launching a necklace to hang the bands on and a line of bands that change shape in sunlight. Oh, Right Now, how heartwarmingly like the 80s you are.

Photo: Noisy Armadillos

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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