12 Super Sweet Quotes About Sisters for Sisters Day

Sunday, August 4th is a special day. A day to pay tribute to those female bonds that you were born with or that were added to your family after your birth; a day to celebrate your sisters. This Sunday is Sisters Day!

A sister can be a girl’s best friend, or the biggest pain in one’s side, depending on the person, the day, or even the hour. But no matter if it’s during good times or during bad times, you are stuck with her.  In celebration of this year’s Sisters Day, we’ve put together twelve of the sweetest, most poignant and powerful quotes about sisters to share with those you love!

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  • Always 2 of 13

     Yup, sisters are ones you are always stuck with!

    Quote Source: Quote Garden

  • Safety Nets 3 of 13

     Having someone there to catch you when you need it is so wonderful, isn't it?

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  • Competetive To… 4 of 13
    two teenage sisters staring at each other isolated on white

     This happens to so many sisters: it goes from a daily battle to a blissful bond.

    Quote Source: Brainy Quotes

  • Crab Grass 5 of 13
    Green grass isolated on white background

    I love this quote from the one and only Charles M. Schulz!

    Quote Source: Brainy Quotes

  • Unique 6 of 13
    Two cute girls in ornate dress, aged 5 and 10, hugging and smiling. Outdoors

    This Bronte quote really pays tribute to the unique nature of the bond of female siblings.

    Quote Source: Brainy Quotes

  • Childhood 7 of 13

    Always a reminder of one's childhood, even years and years later.

    Quote Source: Quote Garden

  • Good Days/ Bad Days 8 of 13

    Some people just don't get it, right?

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  • Never Forget 9 of 13

    You're my best friend now, but I still remember when you broke my favorite Barbie 40 years ago.

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  • A Double 10 of 13
    This is a mirrored effect of woman holding a large blank card.

    Sisters are like another you out there, a very different you, but with some very recognizable traits.

    Quote Source: Quote Garden

  • Flowers 11 of 13
    grass and flowers

    Such a sweet quote! I love to think we're all flowers of some sort!

    Quote Source: Quote Garden

  • Golden Thread 12 of 13

    This one is quite heavy and powerful.

    Quote Source: Quote Garden

  • Hearts 13 of 13
    Giving love concept with hands holding a red heart.

    To those who survive the tribulations of growing up together and who learn and become friends, not just relatives.

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