Skinny Jeans and Metallic Leggings… for Babies?

That’s lah-may, dahling. Not lame. Not lame at all.

Enough of the heavy stuff… let’s talk about solid gold!  And silver lamé.  Yes, I’m talking about metallic leggings for babies.  Glamour magazine says they’re the hottest look in baby fashion.  But according to the Wall Street Journal, skinny jeans, in sizes as small as 0-3 months, are all the rage for babes.

So is it trashy or trendy to tart up your tot?

We’ve already discussed whether or not it’s appropriate to market skinny jeans to tweens and teens, but what about marketing them to moms for their littlest ones?  It’s genius in terms of the pure business behind the trend.  Think about it: new moms more often than not have a bit of weight they’d like to lose.  There’s no better way to capitalize on the skinny fantasy many of us have trouble achieving than to encourage us to dress our infants as dolls, projecting the image of who we’d like to be onto them.

Plus, even in a recession, baby clothes are still affordable.  I might not have the extra $50 I’d need to buy a new pair of fat lady pants, but I sure do have $5.50 burning a hole in my pocket for that graphic tee on sale at The Children’s Place.  (I know, I know, cheap baby clothes are ruining the planet.  But they’re so cute!)

The WSJ says, “Children’s clothing sales are up 5.3% year-to-date, over the same time last year.  Total apparel sales are up just 1.4%.”  At the Gap, “skinny styles now make up 40% of its jeans offering for infant and toddler girls and 70% for girls at the kids division.”  Wow.  Now if only they could come up with a better name for the tightly tapered style.  Let’s see… How about, “Clingy Jeans… for girls who don’t know how to let go.”  Ah, nope.  What about, “Rocker Cut… for boys who want to look like girls.”  Hmm, probably not.  Maybe “Cellophane Jeans… denim so tight, it’ll show the outline of your… cell phone.”

This is why I’m not in marketing.

I’m not so much a fan of the skinny jean (since it would never, ever work with my beloved bubble butt), but I am a major proponent of the legging.  I totally bought my 4-year-old daughter a pair of purple shimmery ones – even before I read the Glamour article.  (Good to know I’ve still got it!)  I of course think they’re ridiculous, but if kids can’t be ridiculous, who can?  We can’t let rock stars have all the fun!

What do you think?

Photo: American Apparel

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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