Sleeping Beauty Sickness: Young Girl Sleeps For Days At A Time (VIDEO)

sleeping-beautyAhhh – the peace and quiet a sleeping child brings. But what if that quite lasts 13 days? That’s what happens to this family with a daughter who suffers from “Sleeping Beauty Disease.”

It’s not exactly the kind of “fairy tale come true” that most families would want, but it’s what the Ball family from England has to deal with. Their 15-year-old daughter Louisa is afflicted with this rare condition dubbed “sleeping beauty disease” but known in medical journals as Kleine-Levin syndrome.

Lucky for Louisa, she’s a normal girl in every other way — but she sleeps for days at a time and cannot be woken. While there’s no known cure for this ailment, it does tend to be outgrown by the afflicted after a very groggy 8-12 years.

Watch the video from The Today Show:

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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