Sleepovers and Gay Parents: Bad Idea?

The Gay Uncle Brett Berk is trying to advise the fathers of a 10-year-old on whether they should host a sleepover party for their son. Writing at Momlogic, the two dads worry that one little thing might get misconstrued and suddenly their child’s college fund is footing their legal bills.

Should they have the party? The Gay Uncle thinks so. He thinks gay-hating parents will self-select out of the affair. To provide extra armor, so to speak, he recommends a medieval theme where the boys show up in full-body plate-mail. (But I think he’s kidding.)

The whole situation reminded me of a conversation I had with some co-workers 10 years ago. The two were straight, married fathers, one of them a big in the Boy Scouts the other big into Fosse. The Boy Scout leader said he thought gays shouldn’t be allowed as leaders in the Scouts because of all the camping and sleepovers. Fosse, the father of daughters, agreed.

So I asked Fosse whether he’d let his girls have sleepovers and he said, “of course!” And then, “oh, but it’s different.”

But it’s not. Pedophiles shouldn’t be allowed in the Scouts (or to host little girl sleepovers). Gay men — gay dads — however, should definitely be welcomed to take part.

There are many, many reasons to advise these fathers against having a sleepover for their son. But being gay isn’t one of them. Fire up evite’s,¬† Sleepover-less in Seattle! You’re having¬† a party!

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