Slew of Kids Stick Tongues to Poles and Get Stuck

tongue-to-poleBreak out the Christmas Story and send it to Spokane and Boise for that matter. A thirteen-year-old girl who hadn’t watched enough Flick just got her tongue stuck on a metal pole in Washington while little boy did the deed in Idaho. 

According to reports out of Washington, a friend stuck her lips to the pole and they came off, so the girl figured she’d stick her tongue to the pole outside the elementary school in 10 degrees. In Boise the temperature was -2 when the ten-year-old boy stuck it to a metal fence pole.

In both places firefighters showed up to throw water (hot) on the problem and get the kids off.

So who thinks a triple dog dare was involved?

Image: KREM

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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