Smartphone Etiquette – How Polite are You?

smartphoneSmartphones keep us connected to our world at all moments. But when is it time to disconnect?

Ok, I admit it. I like to have my iPhone with me. Always.

In fact, if I accidentally run out of the house without it, I start to twitch. Seriously. I should tweet a pic. But wait — I can’t cause I don’t have my phone!

I take it to the park, to the grocery store, and to bed when I snuggle my three year old to sleep.

Stop judging me!!! I don’t use it the whole time. I just have it close to me. Like a security blanket.

(But, no worries. According to Cecily Kellogg, I am not suffering from a serious addiction.)

However, to some people, I am rude!

I shouldn’t chat in the grocery aisles or tweet from a wedding — even though I am Facebooking a picture of the stunning bride. Really people — that is just a 2011 courtesy.

Oh and did I mention I am a tad ADHD and sitting still makes my squirm. Yeah — sorry, but I think smartphones are God’s gift to the easily distracted.

But my mobile phone use can ruffle some feathers. In fact, my twin sister and co-blogger, Susan often scolds me for talking or tweeting in public. (Let me assure you, when I do talk on my phone in public, I try to lower my voice to blend in with the conversations happening around me. I am not rude! *wink*)

The 12 Most blog just published a post 12 Most Inappropriate Times and Places to Use Your Smartphone. I was immediately defensive when I read the title. I don’t like people telling me what to do and I especially don’t want someone trying to keep me away from my iPhone.

The list did include times and places with which one can hardly argue: at the movies, when someone is talking to you, during an interview or on a first date.

Church, Bed and Other Gray Areas

Using a Cell Phone While ShoppingBut there are other times where, I think, it depends on the situation. The writer calls out smart phone users who “use” at church and in bed, (when not alone.)

But I’m not judging anyone for occasionally checking texts or tweeting from inside a church building. Maybe God is fond of the technology his creations created. Obviously don’t tweet during communion, but I think I am gonna call this a gray area.

And in bed? I am sorry, but my husband and I regularly bring our laptops and smartphones to bed. It is like the old days when I read a book before turning out the light. (Don’t worry, other things are happening in the bedroom too. The smartphone knows its place.)

And of course, the writer bashes us grocery line users. Yes I am guilty. I’ve had conversations that I didn’t end just because I got to the register. Judge away I guess. But this busy mom is just trying to get it all done. And sometimes that means I talk on the phone while I swipe my credit card.

So tell us, what are YOUR smartphone etiquette rules? (Okay, lets call them guidelines. I just really don’t do well with rules.)

And when you see others commit smartphone sins do you shrug it off without concern, or do you seethe inside and start drafting a post on stupid smartphone users?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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