Would You Let Your Kids Text with Santa?

letters to santa
Santa Texts from the North Pole

Most kids these days don’t even know how to write a proper letter. They’re more comfortable texting. So it was only a matter of time before letters to (and from) Santa got high-tech.

Apparently, your child can receive a text message from Santa starting at $3.99  ($1 of which benefits the March of Dimes). In a recent Motherlode column, Lisa Belkin asks readers if they find the idea “utterly adorable or utterly appalling?

“Give the magic of Santa Claus Through Text Messages!” the web site urges parents, who can choose from various packages including one which enables parents to write the message “from Santa.”

I’m on the fence about this one. I don’t want to encourage my kids to spend time reading or writing text messages on my phone (and they’re too young to have their own phones). The company said the texts are marketed to “tweens” between 8 and 12, but how many tweens still believe in Santa?

Over at Motherlode, the reactions have been mixed. Some folks ask, “what’s the big deal?” while others feel a text from Santa is “utterly appalling.”

“Sure, traditions evolve with time, but this is a little too much. Christmas has already been commercialized and exploited enough, including the image of Santa, but this? Please let the good old man be a good old man, not a pre-paid text message on a gadget,” writes one commenter.

What do you think? Cute or ridiculous? Instead of “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus,” are we going to be singing “I saw Mommy texting Santa Claus?”


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