Snapchat Photos Don’t Disappear After All!

Snapchat Photos don't disappearYou take a Snapchat photo, send it to someone – they view it for 10 seconds and the photo disappears from your phone and theirs forever… right? That is the idea behind the Snapchat app, but guess what the photos don’t disappear – at least not on Android devices.

Decipher Forensics, a digital forensic firm has figured out how to retrieve Snapchat photos that were suppose to be gone forever. The photos that were so to disappear, actually just stay on the phone.

Depending on the amount of data on a phone, the process to retrieve Snapchat photos can take a while.  Decipher Forensics shows how they went about retrieving the photos, and also offers a service to parents and law enforcement to recover photos from phones.

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So what does this all mean? If you are using Snapchat to sext and you think your photos are just disappearing, think again. has rounded up the various state laws when it comes to sexting – see what’s legal and what’s illegal in your state.

Random Snapchat Photos Fact

Just how popular is the Snapchat app? Did you know Snapchat users take over 150 million photos a day, while Instagram users take around 40 million photos a day.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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