Snow White: Is the Original Story Too Creepy for Kids?

Once upon a time, my daughter adored Snow White. A lot. But the Snow White that she knew and loved was the Walt Disney version circa 1937. In the midst of her Snow White-mania I pulled out the original version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Brothers Grimm and one thing that struck us both? It was creepy. Really creepy.

Now there has been much ado about how The Brothers Grimm fairy tales have been butchered, edited and transformed into softer, sweeter, more palatable versions and one that tops the list is always Snow White. Now the original version does have it’s darker moments with it’s poison apples, a awful evil step mother and the quest to rip the young Snow White’s heart out. But the original trumps that in creepy especially with the ending (totally missing from the movie) where the Evil Queen must put on a pair of iron slippers and dance till “she dropped down dead.” Yeah, even that will give me nightmares.

Now there is not one but two new film versions of Snow White being produced, both reportedly taking on a more Brother Grimm-ish pallor. The interesting thing will come when our little Disney Princess obsessed girls want to go see that “new Snow White” movie. Do we shield them from the grim Grimm version or do let them embrace the creepy, the story as it was originally intended?

Have you read the original Snow White to your kids?


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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