So Cool! Thousands of Plastic Toys Support Glass Floor (Photos)

thousands of toy figures support glass floor
Thousands of toys support glass floor in art exhibit

If you’ve ever stepped on one of your kid’s toys, you know how uncomfortable it can be.

This artist’s take on little toy figures supporting a glass floor is beyond cool, however.

Korean designer Do Ho Suh has used thousands of little guys and gals, each with their arms extended and hands in the air with a glass piece over the top of them.

It looks like they’re actually holding up the floor!

Best of all, visitors checking out the piece can stand on top of it and look down.

These photos give a glimpse at his installation up close, as well as a macro view of all those little folks holding up the weight of the floor.

  • Lots of little guys and girls 1 of 5
    Lots of little guys and girls
    180,000+ plastic toys support the floor!
  • Close up 2 of 5
    Close up
    A closer view of the art installation shows the figures' hands supporting the glass above.
  • Macro view 3 of 5
    Macro view
    At a far glance, you'd never suspect the plastic figures beneath the glass.
  • Perspective 4 of 5
    Standing over the toy figures!
  • That’s a lot of hands! 5 of 5
    That's a lot of hands!
    Look at all of the hands holding up the glass... remarkable.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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