Some Days I Want To Be The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman opens up to the New Yorker

Ree Drummond has it all: the hunky husband, the brood of amazing kids, the camera of my dreams and the ability to cook. She’s also, along with Dooce, the reigning queen of mommy bloggers.

Blogging as The Pioneer Woman, Ree invites millions of readers into her life every day. Not only does this woman have it all, she does it all: she homeschools her kids on a huge ranch where her husband runs a commercial cattle operation, she cooks, she crafts, she writes books, and she documents it all gorgeously on her site.

Of course I want to be her sometimes. Even though her life in ranch country couldn’t possibly be more different from my urban paradise.

The New Yorker this week offers a deep look into Ree’s world with a long profile of her. You have to be a New Yorker subscriber to read the full text, but if you are it’s well worth your time. Ree’s character shines through, as it seems to do in everything she touches.

Famously, Ree Drummond was a city girl who fell abruptly in love with a cattle rancher and moved to the country to marry him. Now she’s the quintessential ranch wife, raising and schooling four kids while managing a big house and whipping up big meals.

She’s published one cookbook that debuted as a New York Times bestseller, and has another one on the way. Her new memoir has been optioned for a film, and Reese Witherspoon has signed on to star in it.

It’s not having Reese Withersppoon play her in the movie of her life that makes me envy The Pioneer Woman. Don’t get me wrong, Reese is great, and I’d love there to be a movie of my life. But what makes me want to be Ree some days isn’t her fabulous success or her fame. It’s her contentment.

The woman just exudes folksy competence and contentment. She’s not Pollyannish; readers get to see her being a real person. But she’s a real person who’s pretty happy. She’s found her American Dream and she’s living it.

I sure don’t want to be a ranch wife, or homeschooling four kids, or even a good enough cook to write a bestselling cookbook. I like my messy urban life, my kids’ schools, and having a husband who cooks all our meals out of self-defense.

I would love to be as content and competent living my life as Ree Drummond appears to be living hers. That, to me, is the magic of The Pioneer Woman. She’s an inspiration in her equanimity.

What do you think of The Pioneer Woman? Do you read her blog? Does she inspire you?

Photo: The Pioneer Woman

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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