Sons vs. Daughters: Most Prefer the Former. Not Me, However.

I'm all about the girls (and don't really understand how others are not, frankly)

“If you’re lucky, the next one will be a boy, too!” my grandpa Teddy exclaimed to my sister just over 11 years ago following the birth of her first child.

With three daughters, three granddaughters and only one grandson, he had no qualms displaying unbridled enthusiasm about the fact that his first great-grandchild added a little testosterone to the family. However, most people will only ever proclaim publicly that a healthy child — period — is what will make them happiest.

In fact, “a healthy baby” is the near-automatic response of every pregnant woman when asked what she’s hoping to have. But obviously many, many people have gender preferences. In fact, as my colleague Danielle wrote earlier this week, forty percent said they’d prefer a boy to the 28 percent who said girl and the rest who lied and just said they just wanted a healthy baby.

Me? I’m part of the 28 percent. Like, really, really part of it. And boy, am I glad that I’ve gotten what I wanted (and that so far everyone is healthy, of course), which are girls.

Here are some of the reasons why I’m glad to be a mom to the fairer sex:

  • Hand-Holding 1 of 7
    I still hold my dad's hand. And my mom's. In private. In public. And I cuddle with one or both when given the opportunity. I haven't met too many grown men who will do that. I would miss that when my kids are grown, but now hopefully I won't have to.
  • Penises 2 of 7
    I have some basic knowledge about how penises work. But I'm relieved to have girls because I really, really know how their hardware works and what to do when it breaks down or needs maintenance. I'm also feeling too old to learn something new, namely taking on the anatomy of the opposite sex to the extent that a responsible mom should for the sake of her kids.
  • Hygiene 3 of 7
    Yes, I'm sure I've met girls and women whose hygiene habits leave something to be desired. But not nearly as many as the boys and men who think "bath" is a four-letter word. They just seem sweatier and dirtier, and grossly proud about it. As such, I'd rather deal with girl dirt than boy dirt. It just seems prettier and better-scented. Plus, girls are far less interested in potty and other hygiene-related humor (and odors). And that's a good thing.
  • Guns 4 of 7
    I despise guns. And bombs. And war. And soldiers. And explosions. And cars. And trucks. And cement mixers. Sure, some girls pretend they're out to blow up the world, too, but it's usually boys with those fantasies. I'm glad not to have to be in a position to tell my kid that guns of any kind are not OK under our roof, unless it's a hot glue gun for an arts and crafts project.
  • Princesses and Pink 5 of 7
    Princesses and Pink
    My favorite color is blue, but I think girls clothes are so much sweeter than boys clothes (and movies and books and games). The little sundresses make me melt and if I were stuck buying shirts with sewn-on cars and trucks, I'd get bored very, very fast. Plus, I like dolls and pretty things. Not for myself, but for little girls. I get a kick out of watching them play and pretend with them. Sure, some boys play with them, too, but not nearly enough that I'd be willing to take my chances that I'd be lucky enough to get one of those.
  • Men 6 of 7
    Raising a boy to become a good man is a tough job, and not one that I know much about. I'd rather spend my time with my daughters teaching them to be good people, friends and citizens. Sure, girls (and women) aren't always a picnic, but at least I've been there and done that. Again, if I ain't broke, why try to make me fix something that I know little about in the first place?
  • Women 7 of 7
    In my experience, girls stay close to their parents when they're grown, and their partners and husbands tend to follow their lead. I relish the close relationship I maintain with my parents and from what I've seen, it's more the norm for grown women to stay closer emotionally with their parents than for boys. I look forward to earning that closeness with my girls.


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